Russian wife tank

Russian wife tank

A Russian wife tank man was so desperate for another bottle of booze he hijacked a tank and rammed it through a supermarket. Russian military driving school in Murmansk.

He drove the tank through the city before arriving at a supermarket to snatch himself another bottle of wine. Ploughing the 12-ton tank through the glass front of the store, he hopped out and snatched himself the booze before running off. Police managed to arrest him and there are plans to press charges. Pictures from the scene show the tracked vehicle covered in snow and slammed through the shattered glass of the supermarket. The front of the store is totally caved in and the truck is surrounded by police cars. Behind the vehicle is the crushed remains of the Daewoo, with its trunk and rear corner totally smashed. A huge military exercise has be staged in the Kamchatka region of far eastern Russian, where more than 1,000 Russian infantrymen from the National Guard of the Russian Federation took part in drills and training.

Police said he stole the snow-covered military vehicle from a local military training organisation in a forest near Murmansk. Soviet era APC designed to be fully amphibious. It can tow loads of 6,500kg, and Russia has around 6,500 of the armoured vehicles in active service. Local media reports the man was drunk, and was detained by shoppers who chased him from the store. The hijacker didn’t resist arrest when he was seized by the local traffic police. Scarface-obsessed killer dubbed ‘Tony Montana’ found guilty of FIFTH murder in BritainA SERIAL killer who was obsessed with the film Scarface has been found guilty of his fifth murder.

Man in court accused of making pistol on his 3D PRINTERA LONDON student has been accused of two counts of possessing 3D printed guns. 48 kids WITHOUT patients’ consent’A FERTILITY doctor who used his own sperm to inseminate patients without their consent is father to at least 48 kids. Daily Star» is a registered trademark. Soviet tank driver and mechanic who fought on the Eastern Front against Nazi Germany during World War II. After her husband was killed fighting in 1941, Oktyabrskaya sold her possessions to donate a tank for the war effort, and requested that she be allowed to drive it. Oktyabrskaya proved her ability and bravery in battle, and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

She was killed in battle in 1944, and was posthumously made a Hero of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union’s highest award for bravery during combat. She was the first of the few female tank drivers to be awarded this honor. Mariya Vasilyevna Oktyabrskaya was born into a poor Ukrainian family on the Crimean Peninsula. She was one of ten children. Mariya was evacuated to Tomsk in Siberia. By this time Oktyabrskaya was 38 years old.

She took part in a five-month tank training program immediately after the donation. The five months of training was unusual for tank crews at the time: usually, tank crews were rushed straight to the front line with minimal training. Her first tank battle began on 21 October 1943. When her tank was hit by gunfire, Oktyabrskaya, disregarding orders, would leap out of her tank and repair the tank, amidst heavy fire.